@Zusser - MWD Lagoon


Once purchased, you will be able to download a DXF file containing the laydown area pipe 3D linework, laydown area contours, and concrete ramps as well as a 3D surface of the laydown area and ramps.


Verified laydown area pipe coordinates and elevated pipe linework to invert elevations. Note: no coordinate location is given for the southern outfall end of the 8in pipe. Please verify with the engineer or in the field. 
Upon futher investigation, the Pipe and Grading Laydown Area PDF has coordinates for the pipe and also shows the ramp for Lagoon 7. When georeferencing the PDF, the ramp on the PDF lines up with the ramp in the CAD. This means the ramps are in the correct location, but the contours are in the wrong location (about 12.9ft at an azimuth of 73d10m from PDF to CAD). 
Shift the CAD contours to the correct location based on the PDF for Lagoon 7. Please field verify the correct location for the ramps.
Spoke to Misha. He said detail 8 on sheet C-18 shows a constant slope on the new ramps, so need to just add top and bottom elevation and not meet the existing slope contours. He also said Lagoon 3 pond may need to be moved.
Elevated all 4 ramps with top and bottom elevations. 
Elevated laydown area contours, clipped existing contours to extend laydown surface to grading limits.


SITECH or I should be able to help you if you have any difficulties. 

Thank you for your business.