@Wildcat Construction - Stapleton Dr



Elevation on Stapleton Dr profile at Sta 69+30.5 is not given and states match existing. A grade of 1.97% down is given. Grade is calculated to be 6778.96 and that is what used in the model. This should be verified in the field. 
Side slope contours on Stapleton from US 24 curb return to first driveway curb return (Sta 5+79 to 11+93) do not match plan / CAD contours. It seems the plan contours were generated using a constant 2ft shoulder on each side, but the shoulder on the right is a constant 4ft while the shoulder on the left transitions from 2ft to 4ft. This means the actual tie point used in the model is offset approximately 2ft farther than the plan shows.
Typical temlate for Private Driveway East does not show ditch from Sta 13+50 to 16+00, but design contours do show a ditch here. A 2.4ft cut slope to FL was added to match the contours.
US 24 widening elevation at sawcut was taken from the sawcut profile given in the CAD file.  A 2% slope was projected out from that profile to the EP and the elevations checked with what is shown on the cross-sections. Field verification of sawcut elevation is recommended.
All tie-in points to existing roads should be verified in the field.