@RNR Pipeline - Oxnard Village Lot 15 SG 2016_04_07

  • Create separate SCS / GCS models (SCS has text, GCS does not)
  • Overbuild pads 5ft at pad grade
  • Some pads overlapped streets by a small amount, so they were cut back and have slightly less than 5ft overbuild (only about 0.5ft)
  • Straight grade between pads on interior courtyards
  • Front courtyard by Spur is elevated using spot grades - goes from pad grade to spot grades and 4in sugrade applied
  • All streets elevated to TP grade or FL adjusted to edge of pave grade based on curb / gutter details
  • Edge of pave offset back 0.5ft and up 0.5ft to slope to pad grade on west and south side