@Hoban Equipment - Redbull Rail Takeoff New Design Concept

Check hinge point offset from CL. 0+00 is 3.657m L/R and changes to 4.065m L/R at 19+200.
Check vertical offset from profile to surface. Also changes at 19+200 from 0.917m below profile to 1.031m.
Import design ditch profiles to use with concept design.
Identify areas of cut where new 2:1 slope will be applied (19+200 to 23+150, 26+570 to 26+970 LT only, 27+480 to 30+281)
Extend ditch profile that starts at 27+505 back to 27+480 (design profile was not long enough and didn't match the surface)
Draw ditch profile from station 27+270 to 27+350 (none provided in the design files)
Create templates at each of the station ranges keeping the existing inner slope to ditch, ditch profile and width, and apply a 2:1 slope to strip surface.
Run volume reports for each section and compare to previous design.