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Lathom Siding


1/13/2015 Created strip surfaces from work orders from 11/24, 12/1, 12/2, processed feature codes, generated volumes from WO surfaces to OG from 2014_09_25, checked design from Paul vs plan sheets - checks out fine with profile vs. sections and thicknesses of ballast and subbalast look correct, spoke with Joel and he thinks he found a design issue. 
1/20/2015 Creates strip surfaces from work order from 1/6 and drew breaklines, generated volumes from WO surface to OG from 2014_09_25 (two separate reports due to two separate areas), exported all strip points for the project as CSV, surface as DXF and XML to retain breaklines, exported SG points as CSV, surface as DXF / XML to retain breaklines, generated volulme report from Strip ALL to SG surface to get fill, created cut/fill map to see where stripping was measured vs. SG design surface, plan surface area of cut/fill map between strip and SG (area where they overlap) is 9,524sm. Area of SG Design is 12,181sm. That means an area of 2,657sm was not measured. Primarily from station 14+15 to 15+20 (no shots here) and from station 0+00 to 4+30 (right side only).


West Twin

1/6/2015 Imported OG and As-built topos and generated earthwork report.