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University of Alaska Power Plant - West Access Rd and Employee Parking Lot Model FG 

2015_07_25 West Access-Parking FG Includes:

  • FG model and linework for West Access Rd and Employee Parking Lot
  • SVD / SVL files for machine control (GCS900 v12)
  • DXF / TTM for rover (SCS900)
  • PRO file for staking using SCS900 roading
  • Layer list with layer names, descriptions, and colors

Notes / Issues: 

Station 0+00 does not give starting profile grade. Grade is interpolated from existing contours at 468.8. Please verify in the field to match existing. The exsiting shown on the road's profile on Sheet CG520 shows the an elevation of about 471. There appears to be a discrepancy here that is recommended to be verified with the engineer or checked in the field.
The New Access Drive for the Switchgear Building was elevated by tying into the West Access Rd elevations and using the existing ground contours north of the access road.
The concrete pad in parking lot shows a constant elevation of 437.17 that is not represented in the model. The edge of gravel points at the corners of the pad shown on CG401 were used in the model and the resulting surface contours match those shown on CG304.