@B&D - San Gabriel Public Works FG Model 2015_03_08


Once purchased, you will be able to download a ZIP file containing the following: 

  1. Machine Data folder (for GCS900 v12.4): contains a folder "2015_03_08 SG PW FG". Copy this folder to your machine USB stick. You should also copy the CFG file into this folder.
  2. Rover Data folder (for SCS900 v3.x): copy the TTM and DXF file to a USB stick. Plug it into your TSC3 and in SCS900, go to Home > Site > Select Site > Select or Create a new Work Order > When you get to Design selection, select New Design > Enter Name "2015_03_08 SG PW FG" or similar > Select the TTM for the design and the DXF for the design map


Elevated building pads, flow lines / edge of pavement, v gutter, retaining walls, and other miscellaneous grade breaks.
Curb grades ommitted in the surface for all interior and perimeter islands for grading purposes to prevent blade jumps when crossing islands, allowing the machine to grade through islands.
Top of curb grade lines are included in the linework for stakeout, if needed.
Top of curb grades were added to the surface where critical for grading, including around the southern building and on the eastern and southeastern edge of the parking area where the top of curb is the left edge of sidewalk. 
Generated surface contours and verified against plan contours.
Verified surface slopes against plan slope callouts. 


Will or I should be able to help you if you have any difficulties. 

Thank you for your business.