@AlAbbasi - Romoland MDP Model Part 3

Verify alignment details with plan 
Create profile of Stage 4 and check against all profile callouts 
Created template and horizontal transtions for Stage 4 corridor. Started / stopped templates either side of crossing transition areas.
Exported Stage 4 Model and Linework for the following station ranges:

127+35.08 to 134+22.17
137+60.71 to 147+13.61
151+09.80 to 161+45.86
164+15.86 to 173+61.16
177+40.71 to 188+42.28
190+52.28 to 200+46.38



Exported updated model to include revised Stage 6 and Line A-2 alignments per RCFC.



Updated Stage 4 model to include all transition areas near road crossings.



Exported updated model for Line A-2 including all crossings. Machine and rover files included. 

Exported separate model for Stage 5-6 alignments.