@ACI - Rancho Mission Viejo 312 A1 R2

Project: Rancho Mission Viejo Tract 17562

Job No.: 312

Item No: 9901

2015_07_16 RMV RG Model Area 1 Includes:

  • 3D rough grade surface for Area 1
  • 2D / 3D linework as specified
  • Layer List with layer names, descriptions, and colors

 2015_07_21 RMV RG Model Area 1 R1 Includes:

  • 2:1 extended to lot line on pads with ditches along backline
  • Revised pad 107 to extend setback across entire front of lot per Troy's request
  • Added atypical side yard slopes (cut slopes) on pads 51-53 and 70

      2015_07_23 RMV RG Model Area 1 R2 Includes:

    • Updated and stitched together new CAD from Rev 3 with original CAD and previous model.
    • Revised TC grades, RW, Parkway Toe, Street Undercut on south end of Street R and south end of Street P.
    • Revised elevation of pads 85 and 107.