@ACI - Porter Ranch

Project: Porter Ranch Tract 51797

Job No.: 309

Item No: 9901


  • 3D rough grade surface
  • 2D / 3D linework as specified
  • 3D PDF showing the surface (for review purposes)
  • Layer List with layer names, descriptions, and colors
  • Detail showing dimensions used in the model 

Updates for 2015_06_09 Revision 1:

  • Completed pond surface and retaining wall per conversation with Troy
  • Completed side yards per conversation with Troy (except Arroyo and Gray Fox - see issues document)

Updates for 2015_06_15 Revision 2:

  • Added lot numbers to design map, added existing back yard PL on Corbin to tract map layer, and added front yard PL as 2D lines to tract map layer. Delivered: Updated DXF and Layer List spreadsheet.